We create value together

We put our knowledge and experience in real assets to work on behalf of our institutional investors. We sketch out investment perspectives and make explicit any assumptions. We update our customers about what is happening in the present and about what could come into play in the future. That is what makes the difference between simply putting together an investment portfolio and the creation of true value.

Real assets that matter

This is the time to contribute to a liveable, workable society, for today and for the future. That is why we choose sustainable investments.

Attractive and futureproof investment opportunities

Real assets are of significant value. They contribute directly to our lives and our economy. Think of homes, shopping centres and healthcare real estate. Roads, railway lines, power stations, wind and solar farms and fibre optic networks.

Because real assets are so essential in our daily lives, they offer interesting and futureproof investment opportunities – and a stable return. They are extremely suitable for institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurers, family offices, and wealth managers, who want to generate returns on their assets over the long term. That is why we consciously choose sustainable investments.

There is no plan(et) B

Are you investing in the greenest buildings and renewable energy? Or in proposals that generate positive social or societal impact? Then you immediately send the message that you want to help the planet. Like we do. a.s.r. also pays attention to the environment, people and society, and good governance. It is part of who we are as a company and we are always happy to talk about it.

How we work

  • After making an inventory of a client’s wants and requirements, we draw up a strategic investment plan.
  • We track and select real asset investments that offer stable returns over the long term and that contribute to the set goals.
  • This is how we . And we actively monitor the investments and report on risks and performance, so that decisions are based on relevant information.

A global foothold

a.s.r. real assets investment partners has a large international network and works with partners and branch organisations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific. This cross-border collaboration offers direct access to information and insight on the latest market developments, investment opportunities, and regulations for individual countries. Together with our partners, we have a wealth of experience and expertise that we put to work for our clients.