Investment strategy

Insight into investment in real assets worldwide

We can provide information and insight into the indirect investment in real assets such as real estate and infrastructure that are available worldwide. Our valuable input is suitable for risk-return profiles, (ESG) guidelines and a view on future prospects. And the fact that a.s.r., one of the largest listed and most sustainable insurers in the Netherlands, has 300 years of experience certainly helps.

About investment in real assets

We draw up strategic investment plans for domestic and international real asset investments. These could be investments in listed or non-listed real estate and infrastructure, for existing portfolios or an investment portfolio yet to be put together.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Creating a successful, sustainable future is more than just paying attention to finances, climate change or diversity. These principles must be anchored into the investment strategy and related to how business is conducted on a daily basis. Therefore, our working method always puts clear impact and/or ESG criteria as its leading principle. Of course, we are also happy to help our clients draw up appropriate ESG policies and translate them into real assets in portfolios.

Making sound decisions together

For an investment portfolio with a long horizon, it is crucial to be able to see long-term trends. We always look deeply into macroeconomic developments and their impact on investments in real assets. This predictive information gives direction to the investments we make, helping us put together futureproof portfolios and make sound decisions.