ESG & Impact investing

Sustainable in portfolios and returns

We know how to create positive impact with real assets. How to guarantee long-term returns and truly contribute to a liveable society, both now and in the future. Responsible investing is important to a.s.r. real assets investment partners, which means that ESG criteria and the corresponding legislation and regulations are central factors in the strategy, selection and monitoring of portfolios. We test potential investments in every way possible to see whether they yield a return and are sustainable in the long term.

ESG performance assessments and reports

We set clear objectives and use clear KPIs to assess the ESG performance of our investment portfolios. This gives us the insights we need to make adjustments where necessary.

Stimulate sustainable behaviour

We proactively engage with our clients, putting sustainability performance on the agenda and putting their ESG policies into practice. We are actively involved in the investment process and attend shareholder meetings where we can exert our influence.

A Paris Proof roadmap

We map out the route towards a CO2 neutral portfolio. We come up with data-driven roadmaps showing the way to Paris Proof, using our own analysis model based on the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) tool.

Better insight in climate risks

Knowing about and dealing with climate risks is crucial for a futureproof portfolio. We clearly map out these risks with our Climate Risk Monitor, also using it to compare investment funds with each other.

Strategic impact investing

Impact investing means making investments that provide financial returns, but that also make a measurably positive contribution to people and the environment. With the Impact Investing Framework, we develop tailor-made strategies that match our clients’ goals while providing relevant information into the impact of the investments.

  • Our work activities can be divided into three categories:

    The development of strategies and policies with respect to real assets portfolios.

    The implementation of strategies and policies through the selection of investments.

    The monitoring, reporting and engagement with all factors involved with the investments.

    Our way of working includes an extensive discussion of ESG risks within all three categories. ESG risks are environmental, social or governance events or circumstances that could have a negative effect on the value of an investment. It is simply not an option to pay no attention to ESG factors and minimum standards have to be applied. We strive to reduce the chance of negative effects due to sustainability risks on financial returns and use our ESG vision to make it an integral part of our clients’ real assets portfolios.

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  • - 14 July 2023-

    In accordance with article 4, paragraph 5, point (a) of the SFDR, a.s.r. hereby declares that real assets investment partners shall take into account the principle adverse impacts on sustainability factors when providing advice to its clients. And that adverse impacts on sustainability shall be included in the strategic, implementation and monitoring advice that we provide to our clients. In the selection of new investments, a.s.r. real assets investment partners shall use a Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA). An important part of this MCA consists of various weighted ESG factors. This MCA shall form the basis for the selection of the preferential fund for the client. The weight given to ESG factors within this MCA varies per customer based on their ESG policy. a.s.r. real assets investment partners shall use various benchmarks and tools (including the underlying data) such as the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), the Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM), building certifications and INREV questionnaires. The methods by which a.s.r. real assets investment partners selects and ranks when determining its advice and/or processes do not yet conform with the indicators and possible additional indicators as stated in table 1 of Annex I of the SFDR (the so-called Regulatory Technical Standards). This is due to the following: that these indicators are not sufficiently available, that they are limited for real asset investments, and that they do not have sufficient data coverage to carry out a thorough selection and advisory process in comparison to the benchmarks/tools and data as stated above.

  • a.s.r. real assets investment partners is part of the a.s.r. group led by ASR Nederland N.V. ASR Nederland N.V. has a group-wide sustainability policy, remuneration policy, tax policy and purchasing policy. a.s.r. real assets investment partners conforms to this policy, also with a view to sustainable business operations. The remuneration policy has a fixed salary system for employees and meets the conditions of a controlled remuneration policy in accordance with AFM guidelines. The remuneration policy of ASR Nederland N.V. describes in detail how this policy fits in with the integration of a sustainability risk policy. See:

  • We follow the international Global Compact Principles of the United Nations where they apply to real assets.

    There are more initiatives that we support and regulations that we comply with. Here are a few:

    • Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR): this is European legislation intended to ensure transparency on sustainability risks and opportunities in investment decisions.
    • Global Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI): an initiative in which investors, banks and asset managers work together to ensure responsible investing.
    • Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): goals agreed upon by countries affiliated with the United Nations that are aimed at making the world a better place by 2030.
    • International Socially Responsible Investment Pension Fund Agreement (IMVB-convenant): a covenant that includes agreements on OECD and UNGP guidelines in pension fund policies, their outsourcing to external service providers, and the monitoring and reporting of these policies.